Happy Geese 1.1 is now available on iTunes!

Summer holidays are just around the corner. The iPad is a useful device to engage all members of a family in a fun activity anywhere: beach, countryside or even sitting at home one lazy afternoon.  We have just launched Happy Geese 1.1 with a series of improvements and new features so that you can still enjoy it even more no matter where you go:

More Configuration Options:

- Change the language

- Turn off the voice in each round

- Use Happy Geese to learn other languages!


New and Outstanding feature:

- Play with two dice

- With numbers or dots

- Practice sums while playing

Take it further:

- Print your boards and chips

- Through airprint o pdf

- Unlimited times

Social Media:

- Post your round on your facebook wall

- The picture includes the chips you are using in your iPad

- Invite friends to join Happy Geese!

Download the new version and give us your opinion at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Available for iPad & Android


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